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18 February 2011
Also new tour info, live TV info and more!!

Marty`s performance with the Tokyo Philharmonic will be broadcast three times on Japan`s TV Asahi. First broadcast is at 2/20 at9AM, after that 2/26 at 6:30PM and 2/27 at 11PM.
For fans of Marty this is not to be missed! A preview can be seen at

Also on TV Asahi on the same day 2/20 Marty will make a live appearance at 8PM as a guest of legendary Japanese TV host Katsuya Kobayashi of Best Hit USA.

Marty`s France show on May 8 has been announced!

5/8 Le Forum   Vaureal, France

The latest on Marty`s latest FANTA commercial here:

For even more of the latest info check the brand new

New SHOW: 3/19 Sakurazaka Central OKINAWA,JAPAN

Marty will also make an appearance the previous day (3/18)at the Musix 2011 Okinawa International Asia Music Festival.

After his `09 Gods of Metal Festival performance in Italy, Marty vowed to come back to Europe to bring his music to his fans there who have waited impatiently for so long. He takes with him the band with whom he tours Japan and will hit many cities for the first time ever.

03-19 Sakurazaka Central OKINAWA,JAPAN


05-05 Bibelot, Dordrecht (NL)

06-05 Underworld, London (UK)

07-05 Spirit ’66, Verviers (BE)

08-05 Le Forum Vaureal (FR)

10-05 Rock Star Live, Bilbao (SP)

11-05 Sala Heineken, Madrid (SP)

12-05 Salamandra, Barcelona (SP)

14-05 Jailbreak, Rome (IT)

15-05 Bloom, Mezzago (IT)

17-05 Exit Chmelnice, Prague (CZ)

18-05 Randall, Bratislava (SK)

19-05 A38, Budapest (HUN)

20-05 SKC, Belgrade (SER)

21-05 RBF Club, Sofia (BUL)

22-05 Romeo & Juliet, Istanbul (TUR)

23-05 312 Arena, Ankara (TUR)

24-05 Noxx, Izmir (TUR)

26-05 Eightball Club, Thessaloniki (GR)

27-05 AN Club, Athens (GR)

28-05 Tochka, Moscow (RUS)

29-05 Jagger Club, St. Petersburg (RUS)

31-05 Reading 3, Tel-Aviv (ISR)

Ticket info and more details to come-stay tuned!!!

There is a whole batch of YouTube links to Marty related recordings that those of you outside of Japan may not be aware of-if you are interested, feel free to check them out at the brand new

Marty will perform live at Budokan on 12/27 as part of a special Visual Kei live event featuring an all star lineup of Alice Nine, Mucc, Sid and much more. This will be his third performance at Budokan since his move to Japan.

The latest Sound Horizon release, "Marchen" which features Marty on guitar is currently #2 on the Japanese pop chart. Earlier this year, the same lineup hit #1 with "Ido e Itaru Mori e Itaru Ido".

Marty`s first solo album, "Dragon`s Kiss" has been remastered and rereleased in a paper sleeve series, along with both Cacophony albums on King Records in Japan.

Personal appearance news and solo tour news coming soon so stay tuned!!
Marty will appear on the first episode of the brand new nationwide TV program in Japan, "Guitar Stories". The show has Marty performing "Bad DNA" and talking music, and arranging a segment of "Forbidden City" for 10 Japanese guitarists (chosen by lottery to attend the taping) to play. The unique show will feature a different artist each week.

Broadcast date: 1/15 at 6PM Channel 12(BS)

In radio news, NHK`s "Kurofune" will feature Marty on 12/27 at 8:15 PM Marty talks current events in Japan, plays music from "Bad DNA", reveals his fave song of the year (as introduced in his current Nikkei Entertainment feature) and much more.

This week Marty will be filming the second stage of live auditions for the first debut release on his label, Gokukara records. 20 entrants were selected from hundreds of videos submitted. NicoNico Douga will broadcast a digest of this week`s filming. More info to come.

Release info-

"Bad DNA" sees its release in Korea via Evolution Music and Marty plays guitar on the latest Sound Horizon epic, "Marchen". Marty`s previous release with this theatrical act hit the #1 spot on the Japanese pop chart this Summer.

Thanks to all who came to the two sold out Genting Arena shows last week-there will be more to come!

Marty`s performance with conductor Yukata Sado and the spectacular Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra was filmed last night and will be broadcast in Japan on 2/20 at 9AM on TV Asahi, and rebroadcast on 2/26 and 2/27 on TV Asahi (BS).
Those of you outside of Japan check your satellite listings.

This is the third time he has appeared with the Philharmonic as soloist, the first time with his own material, the second time with the Bach Brandenburg Concerto and this time with the Rachmaninoff Concerto #2 Opus 18.

As with Marty`s prior Philharmonic performance last year as well as many Japanese musical broadcasts, this program will likely be taken down quickly from YouTube if uploaded-so friends outside of Japan please check quickly!

This is the 2206th episode of the program "Daimei no nai Ongalkukai", a staple of Japanese TV.

Marty will play with Amei for 2 more shows at Genting Arena in Malaysia on 12/3 and 12/4. As with all Amei shows, these will sell out if they have not sold out already, so if you are in the area, be there!

Solo touring plans for 2011 are in the works and they will be announced here so be sure to check often!

Last week Marty mad a surprise guest appearance at Aikawa Nanase`s 15th Anniversary concert at Shibuya Ax in Tokyo. Along with banging out several Aikawa classics, he also jammed with other surprise guests, Yu-ki from TRF and Kyoko from Barbee Boys, who along with Aikawa Nanase, are three of the most influential singers in Japanese pop/rock music.

As Marty`s popular page in Japan`s Nikkei Entertainment moves into its fifth year, he is also currently on the cover of the quarterly Benricho, a non-musical publication about learning Japanese.

Next week Marty will make a live internet broadcast on NicoNicoDouga announcing the next stage of the talent search for his Gokukara Records. The best of the best of the latest applicants will be shown and discussed in detail! More details at

Marty has just completed filming for the upcoming Japanese movie, "Maebashi Visual Kei". The movie will come out in Japan early 2011 and was directed by Otsuru Gitan. The film is a dramatic and moving look inside the trials and tribulations of a fictitious Visual Kei band in Japan.

In 2008 Marty had a role in the Japanese hit, "Gugudatte Neko Dearu" and a cameo in "Detroit Metal City" as the guitarist in Gene Simmons` band.

More details to come!

We now have a brand new official Facebook page for Marty`s fans where they can be assured that it is officially sponsored and maintained by

The link is:

According to Marty, "I`m quite sure that my fans would rather I work on new music than talk story please do not be offended as I am not as hands on as other artists may be. I do value all of you and your support very much and I also  look forward to checking in here now and again to see what you all are talking about."

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me through the contact page at this site. Thank you and enjoy.
Mayzan (webmaster

The set list for Marty`s Tokyo/Osaka BAD DNA Gathering live shows was as follows:

-----english MC------
-----english MC------
-----english MC------
14. Ohmura intro-NOVOCAINE KISS
16. SALT IN THE WOUND (extended live DVD version)
17. RIPPED-Ohmura solo-RIPPED
-----japanese MC------
Marty & Ohmura battle/BE
--------1st ENCORE----------
--------2ND ENCORE----------
1.RINGO OIWAKE guitar solo
2.BAD DNA reprise

Marty and the band are will be touring outside of Japan in the near future-stay tuned here for the latest and ONLY official English Marty Friedman info on the web!

As announced in an earlier press conference in Tokyo, Marty has created and is now heading the brand new record label, "Gokukara Records."

The label is a subsidiary of Japan`s major label giant, Avex. Marty`s solo releases will continue with Avex, and new artists that Marty works with will come out on Gokukara.

The first release for the new label will be the result of a nationwide search through NicoNico Douga (Japan`s more modern interactive version of YouTube) and its special community devoted to discovering the first artist/band to make its debut on Gokukara Records.

Marty and his staff are sifting through entrants, and make periodic status updates as well as live UStream broadcasts on NicoNico Douga. Due to the sheer number of entrants, only NicoNico Douga community members may create videos for consideration.

As of now the label is Domestic/Japan only and all pertinent information on NicoNico Douga and Gokukara Records websites is in Japanese. However if you are outside of Japan and are able to use a computer in Japanese, all musicians/DTM`s/arrangers are welcome to create videos for submission to NicoNico Douga. Access to NicoNico Douga may be limited outside of Japan depending on territory.

More info (japanese only) at


TV News

10/23 Saturday Night 6:30PM TV Tokyo "Y-Y Jumping"

Radio News

10/24 J-Wave 11AM "Happiness"

Marty with his solo band LIVE in concert!

Two live shows have been announced in Japan and tickets are on sale now.

"BAD D.N.A. Gathering Japan"

!0/20 OSAKA Shinsaibashi Quattro

10/26 TOKYO Shibuya Quattro

Marty`s live band is:

Takayoshi Ohmura - guitar
Ryota Yoshinari - bass
Mitsuru Fujisawa - drums

Celebrating his 10th solo album, "BAD D.N.A.", Marty and his band take to the live stage for the first time in 2010!

Ticket outlets and all related info at

FANTA band shocker!

Marty made a surprise guest appearance on stage with fellow FANTA band member Takamiy at his sold out Tokyo International Forum tour final show on Sunday. Marty joined Takamiy and his all-star band for 3 songs in the encore.


on 10/1 Marty will be doing a talk event/autograph session in Yokohama at the Landmark Plaza. Marty filmed a special message to promote the event which is currently airing hourly on the Jumbotron facing the Sakuragicho station. It will run until the event on 10/1.

Marty is on the cover of the current Young Guitar Magazine in Japan.
This month`s edition features the first exclusive "guitar" interview for his latest album, "BAD D.N.A." as well as a very special DVD with Marty showing examples, and going into detail on the unique concepts of his current playing.

Get a peek at:

Radio info-

on 9/15 at noon Marty will do a live nationwide radio broadcast on JFN in Japan.

New TV info-

9/10 TVK "Hamarancho" live talk guest 12:30PM
10/1 NHK-BS2 "West Wind" 6PM talk and live performance with his solo band, other guests include idols Smileage and Japanese metal band SexMachineGuns

Check the Roland/BOSS site for a recent clip of Marty playing a new song with the latest BOSS gear.

3rd in-store appearance announced!

Marty will do a personal appearance on the Sky Garden Stage on 9/20 at LaLaPort in Shin Misato at 3PM.

The event will open to the public 30 minutes prior. Marty will perform new songs and sign copies of his new album, "BAD D.N.A."
More details at

9/4 midnight-9/5 2AM will have Marty performing Live on Bay-FM on Masa Ito`s Power Rock Today

2nd mini-concert, talk show and autograph session announced!

Marty will make his 2nd appearance at Katakura Park in Omiya this Sunday 9/5 at 5PM.
He will sign copies of "BAD D.N.A.", talk story and perform songs from the new album.
Last week`s appearance was full to capacity, so we suggest you arrive early. The event will open at 4:30 PM

Live broadcast on Tokyo`s J-Wave 81.3 FM

Marty is the guest on Piston`s Groove Line from 4:30PM to 8PM on 9/1.

Much more info at

The front page of the current issue of Tokyo Sports, Japan`s top nationwide sports newspaper, features a half page photo as well as the transcript of a monumental conversation between Marty and legendary comic strip artist, Tenho Iwatani.

Tenho Iwatani`s daily comic strip for Tokyo Sports is in its 23rd consecutive year. Since the 90`s Marty has followed Iwatani`s work.
On this special front page edition he honored Marty by making him a character in the daily comic strip.

Win a chance to see Marty live at a television taping!

Marty will appear on NHK`s "West Wind" which will be filmed on 9/7, audience member applications (in Japanese) can be found at
Deadline is 8/23 at midnight.

Following the release of "BAD D.N.A." on 8/25 Marty will do a series of promotional autograph sessions throughout Japan before taking the new album to the concert stage with his band later this year. The first of which is to take place on 8/28 at the DynaCity (Canyon Stage) in Odawara at 2PM. If you are in Japan, do not miss it! Arrive early as this event is open to the public and will be full to capacity.
Access info (in Japanese) at
All upcoming events will be posted at

Also on 8/28, Marty will appear on Fuji-TV`s longest running music program, Music Fair at 6PM

Marty will be doing a live press conference on NicoNico Douga (Japan`s YouTube) at 8PM on 8/23 (Japan date and time).

The fifth FANTA commercial featuring Marty and the FANTA band is currently on the air. This one has the band trashing a hotel room in an over the top fashion. Lots more at

If you are in Japan, the ringtones for the entire "BAD D.N.A." album as well both of Marty`s bestselling books are currently available for your phone. Details at


Seperate note from Mayzan (webmaster ----

We at the site are aware that the majority of the recent postings are Japan related. We are basically taking portions of the news from his Japanese site and translating it for people ouside of Japan. The folks at as well as Marty himself has told me about his future plans outside of Japan, and they will be reported here as soon as they are official! It is very important to Marty and all of us here at both official sites that people outside of Japan know that he is extremely interested in pursuing more tours, events and releases outside of Japan. I run this site from Jakarta, Indonesia so I share the frustration of the rest of his fans outside of Japan! Please be patient, as we are devoted to bringing you the latest news. For now please enjoy Marty`s detailed comments on "Tokyo Jukebox" here:
The photo gallery will also be updated very soon so stay tuned!!

Marty`s 10th solo album, "BAD D.N.A." is completed and its release date is 8/25 on Avex in Japan.

Without going into much detail, (we at the site have only heard short previews of half of the songs at this time) it is safe to say that the album will be a natural progression picking up where Loudspeaker and Tokyo Jukebox left off and adding its own twists and turns.

The first Japanese pressing will include the first music video for the title track, "BAD D.N.A." directed by Visual Trap, who have directed all of the videos of Dir En Grey.

Stay tuned to this page for international release news.

Get a sneak peek at the album at

The album was produced by Marty and engineered by Steve Hardy and Shinnosuke Miyazawa (Lady Gaga, Guns `n  Roses) this April/May at The Village in LA. Much more info about the album, exclusive interviews, studio photos and more to come at this page as well as our Japanese counterpart,

In completely unrelated news, check Japan`s official Fanta site for tons of news in the worlof the "FANTA band", including photos and a "live report" at

As promised on Japan`s top morning TV show, "Mezamashi TV", Marty and the FANTA band made  it`s first live appearance at the Gasshukoku Fantastic Stadium at Odaiba in Tokyo on July 14th!
The entire audience was chosen by lottery entries and is completely full to capacity. J-pop duo Kimaguren also performed.

Ride the FANTA BUS!

The FANTA band advertising bus that will be driving throughout the Shibuya area of Tokyo from 7/15 thru 7/25 will be open to the public to ride in the Odaiba Gasshukoku area from 7/27 thru 8/22.
more info on this and the Odaiba show at


Marty made a surprise guest appearance at a sold out Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo for Maki Ohguro`s tour final on 7/9. He performed her latest single, "It`s All Right", which was released last month.

Marty joins the cast for the 2nd season of the smash NHK-FM radio drama "Seishun Adventure GO! GO! Chikinzu"
The show will broadcast every weeknight from 8/2 thru 8/13 at 10:45 PM.
The 4th FANTA commercial is currently on the air in Japan. The latest TV commercial features Marty and the rest of the FANTA band "jamming" inside the Bullet Train for some very unsuspecting passengers.

The Sound Horizon maxi-single, which Marty contributed all the electric guitar work on all of its songs, made its debut on the Japanese singles chart at #1. This is the first #1 recording he has played on in his entire career in any country.
Sound Horizon is known for their epic arrangements, extravagant theatrical concerts and devoted fans. This is Marty`s first involvement with the project.

The 2nd sold out Sound Horizon concert at the Yoyogi Auditorium in Tokyo on 6/20 in which Marty will play will be shown in real time in 3-D in all TOHO Cinemas throughout Japan.

After completing the majority of its recording in LA, Marty is back in Tokyo putting the finishing touches on his latest new instrumental solo album.

There is more info and a video message from the sessions (in Japanese) at New English content, release info and music video info to be updated soon here at this site.

Download new Marty wallpapers from Fanta NOW!
Go to where currently you can get Marty`s photo or animated character in super high quality.

The 4th commercial featuring Marty in the FANTA band has been filmed and soon to be broadcast, more info at

In other news, Marty contributed guitars to Japanese theatrical phenomenon Sound Horizon`s new maxi single, "Hikari to Yami no Douwa". The single was released 6/16 and to commemorate this, Marty will perform live with Sound Horizon at both Yoyogi Auditorium concerts on 6/19 and 6/20.

Japanese legendary vocalist Maki Ohguro`s brand new single, "It`s All Right" features Marty as well. The song is her first new release in three years and the single comes with a making-of DVD with footage from Maki and Marty`s recording session filmed earlier this year.

Marty has commenced recording on his 10th solo album, this time to be done completely at Los Angeles` most legendary recording studio, The Village Recorder. An in-depth making of will be filmed of the entire process. Much more details to come.

More television news, Fanta news and updates at

New Fanta Commercial!

The 3rd TV commercial in the ongoing "rock band FANTA" series is now on air in Japan. This "superband", which has yet to perform a single song together, has captured Japan`s attention has inspired a manga magazine, "The Fanta Band Legend".
check here:

TV and radio news-

Marty will appear with multi platinum producer Tsunku and pop culture icon Shoko Nakagawa on NHK`s new TV show, "Mina de Nihon Go!" April 22 at 10PM

On NHK radio, Marty makes his 2nd appearance on "Kurofune Da!" May 3 time tba

Live in Japan!

One of the biggest tours in Asia right now, Marty will join A-mei as she makes her Tokyo debut on 4/18 at Akasaka Blitz. Japan is a brand new territory for the superstar singer, and her collaboration with Marty for this show is already being met with anticipation from A-mei`s and Marty`s fans alike.

New features!

There are two new regular features in the major mainstream press starting now in Japan, a weekly piece on Marty in Pia and a monthly piece in UGA, the largest karaoke related magazine in Japan.

Meet Marty in Person!

Directly after Marty`s concert with A-mei in Kuala Lumpur on 4/24 at the Putra Indoor Stadium, Marty will make 4 personal appearances in Australia, sponsored by Allansmusic.
Tickets are limited, so get details now at:

2 of the Aussie events are already sold out, as will the others and the KL stadium show so get your tickets now.

After the third sold out Arena show in Taiwan, Marty flew to China for the The 2010 "V" Awards (the Asian version of Grammys/MTV music awards). It was broadcast live on 3/28 to the entire continent of Asia, and featured as its finale a live performance of Marty and A-mei.
A-mei, who is known for her emotional ballads and elaborate pop numbers, after receiving 2 awards stunned the Asian music world with a performance which was closer to heavy metal than anything she had previously done. It began with Marty rising up on a stage lifter playing a guitar solo by himself and then A-mei joined him for the song (english translation) "Straightforward" which ended in a barrage of pyro explosions and furious guitar riffs from Marty.
More details and video links to come.

Due to upcoming musical activities, which will be reported on this site shortly, Marty will be taking a hiatus from one of his regular TV programs, "Transporter".

For 2 years and 100 episodes, the show is one of the highest rated on Japan`s Space Shower network.

The final episode will air on 3/30 at 9PM. If you have access to Japan`s Space Shower network, be sure to watch as Layla and Marty say their farewells and show some clips of Marty`s best performances on the show.

He is also leaving his TBS radio weekly program, "Kakiiin" and well as his monthly feature in Big Comic magazine.

Marty`s most recent performance with Shoko Nakagawa was re-broadcast this month on NHK. Marty produced and arranged the song, "Makkana Atashi" for Shoko and played it Live with her on "Paphooo", a program which Marty was a regular on for its entire run on NHK.


In between Marty`s solo activities and TV and radio responsibilities in Japan, he is also making news in Asia outside of Japan collaborating with one of Asia`s brightest superstars, A-mei.

A-Mei and Marty made national breaking news in Taiwan with their performances at the Taipei Arena.

The news clip below was filmed at the beginning of the concert and was broadcast while the nearly 4 hour long show was still in progress.

Marty appears towards the middle of the clip. More info to come.

Both March 19th and March 20th shows were sold out months in advance and were both filmed for a live DVD for release later this year.

We will have an exclusive link in English for visitors to this site who wish to purchase the DVD. Stay tuned-

If you are visiting Japan, or live in Japan, it will be impossible for you to miss the giant FANTA billboards up throughout the entire country.
In particular, the entire front of the landmark Shibuya Station in Tokyo (see photo here- )is covered with 2 massive FANTA mural billboards, one with the entire "rock band FANTA" and the other featuring each member separately.
Both have Marty with his blue Ibanez MF1 signature model guitar.

Check out Marty`s latest video for "Kiba" (featuring Andrew W.K.) here:

Be sure to take a look around Marty`s revamped Japanese site here:


Marty is currently on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine`s internet version, "GP2", see it here:


Marty Trivia!

Marty appears in the new Fanta commercials, (see them at but there are several commercials on the air right now which feature Marty`s guitar playing-

Sapporo Draft One Beer
AU cellular (with Anna Tsuchiya)
Daiwa House
Mitsubishi Marunouchi

He also plays on fellow Fanta band member Nana Tanimura`s brand new single, "Believe You"
Marty is also featured in Newsweek Japan (in Japanese here:

Marty is planning activities outside of Asia this year, including live touring with his solo band as well as other unique events. Please stay tuned...